Travel journaling versus travel blogging

So this is the first post about travelling in our Motorhome.  It’s certainly not our first trip in Her it’s just that this blog wasn’t supposed to be about that. It was supposed to be all about Pine Needles and Pins but it’s sort of evolved into a bit of a life blog, just because I like to write and to keep a record of all the things we do. And also because I’ve found that I can section stuff into all the things that We love; craft, cooking, gardening and travelling, so there’s no need for me to be selective.  I love keeping a travel journal filled with dates, places, pictures, tickets and all the other paraphanalia that goes with travelling, so that’s why this blog is a bit late. I’d um’d and ah’d about keeping a digital one too.  Only time will tell if I get as much joy out of this.


Travel Journal I made for Faye

So here goes with my first travel blog!

Although the Easter holidays presented us with every sort of weather that an English Spring could throw at us, we were determined to get away.  So with the prospect of Storm Katie biting at our heels we headed to Sandbanks, Dorset and a sheltered wild camping spot that we know.  We spent a beautiful afternoon walking along the beach in high winds but with spells of bright sunshine, collecting shells and writing in the sand.  I’ve always preferred the beach in this kind of weather, probably because of many childhood holidays when the rough early Spring Cornish seas crashed onto the beach threatening to obliterate our carefully barricaded sandcastles.  There’s nothing as invigorating as a salty kiss from the sea as the the wind whips it into your face.

A materpiece in the making

But darkening storm clouds soon sent us to the safe haven of our little home on wheels to be warmed through with mugs of hot tea. Needless to say, with all that fresh air, we slept soundly that night despite Storm Katie unleashing her worst above our heads. Fortunately where we park is extremely sheltered despite having the sea on both sides and the storm was really only evident by the damaged she’d caused around us.  Boats washed up, branches blown down and the sea washed across the roads.   But the sun was now really shining so we headed to our next ‘Sleepy Spot.’

Heading East along the coast we travelled from Dorset into Hampshire and onto Hayling Island.  Much known for its tourist industry from the 50’s through to the 70’s Hayling Island feels a bit like the land that time forgot. There’s a beach front funfair and the usual selection of souvenir and sugar ‘Rock’ shops but if you travel westward you’ll come to a peaceful shingle beach with a quiet pub and candy coloured beach huts.  At this time of the year you’re only joined by the occasional dog walker or beachcomber, I’m not sure how busy it is in the height of Summer but for now it was pretty deserted.  Storm Katie had really whipped the seas into a frenzy making for an interesting beach walk discovering all kinds of flotsam and jetsam (don’t you just love that expression??!!), shells and driftwood. We collected up all sorts of interesting things to take home and get creative with, I’m hoping you’ll see some of it soon transformed into treasures at Pine Needles and Pins.

The storm had also washed ashore a galaxy of starfish (yes, that is the collective noun for them!!), we counted at least 17 of the poor landed creatures, all dead or we would have put them back in.  The sea was still crashing onto the shore in the aftermath of Katie with a deafening roar as it sucked the stones back after itself but the sun had come out in full force and the spectacular sunset that it treated us to that night promised another beautiful day tomorrow.

Spinaker Tower in the distance

The beach had obviously shifted quite a bit as an army of huge tipper trucks, diggers and tractors turned up to reshape it the next day.

We watched them for a while, it’s surprising how interesting that was! And then headed home after our short little break, and of course after filling in my travel journal.   Hmmmmm, still not sure which I prefer, paper and pen or iPad and wifi.


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