I lost my Mum too early.  I know that for everyone who loses their Mum it’s too early, but for her it was too early, she was only in her mid 40’s and I was only 12.  Far too early.

She was beautiful and clever and kind and loving and very special.  She was talented and outgoing and vivacious and everyone loved her.  And I miss her everyday, but today is the day that the world makes me think of her.  We didn’t really ever celebrate Mother’s Day but everywhere you turn,  in the build up to today, there’s a plethora of pink cards, hearts and flowers and today the radio is jam packed with messages and dedications to much loved Mums.

But I don’t need to have a special day to remember Mum because, lucky for me, I look like her, sound like her and I’m convinced that sometimes I think like her.  I love my children with the ferocity that she loved us and I am today as happy with my life as I know she was with hers.


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  1. Jane says:

    Beautiful lady, yes you do look like her. Just as well as I don’t think your Dads beard would suit you. Xx

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    1. Fluff says:

      Thank you Jane. That really made me laugh xx


  2. Gayle Logan says:

    That is a beautiful tribute and yes, you do look like your Mum and have those lovely qualities.

    I also miss my Mom every day. She had a tough go of it and I know that nobody has or will love me as much as she did. I was very blessed to have that very special love.

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