Making something of nothing.

Faye (Darling Daughter) has just moved bedrooms.  From the tiny attic bedroom on the 3rd floor (that I’d convinced her was just like a Princesses room in the top of a fairy castle) to a spacious double room on the 2nd floor.  The reasons for the move were two-fold; a) she’s nearly 13 and could do with space for a desk for homework and a big mirror for make-up, and b) My knees hurt if I have to go all the way up to the 3rd floor to Say goodnight.

So a couple of days of clearing and painting have turned a dingey, rather unloved room into a bright, sunny, sophisticated young ladies ‘chill space’.

With new, grown up bedding and strings of fairy lights it’s looking rather smashing, perfect for a 13 year old to spend evenings lying on the big double bed reading the latest Tom Gates book and painting her finger nails every hue of the rainbow.  Some pretty accessories have made it their perfect new home for Bunny Too. image

However, it was lacking something, we needed that something to complete the look and to make this bed lounging the perfect experience.   Ha, got it!  Scatter Cushions!  what every girl needs and what every man doesn’t understand.

At this point I must tip a wink to BrawHem and her brilliant blog.  She featured a tutorial for some beautiful embroidery hoop wall art (that I will get around to making soon) and her ability to turn old fabric into something pretty and useful really inspired me.

So armed with old t-shirts (favourite but out-grown) and sweaters (loved but shrunk), my trusty sewing machine and a couple of spare hours on a grey, thundery day, I set to. image

Fortunately I already had a few spare pillow forms of different sizes in my cupboard and various different invisible zips in my sewing box so the whole project didn’t cost a penny.  Adding zips to the tshirt cushions was a little tricky as I’d cheated by not cutting the side seams, which in hindsight I don’t think it was a very smart short-cut. But finally they all came together and I’m really pleased with the results.  image

More importantly, Faye is really happy with them and has now got lounging down to a fine art! image




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