February 29th a spare day for setting goals and sticking to them.

It’s been a pretty daunting task.  What started out as a simple “let’s make it and see if we can sell it” experiment has turned into a full time exercise.  There have been so many avenues to explore and so many things to learn, that I seem to spend all my time chasing my tail but never really catching it.

So following some pretty inspirational blogs, Facebook entries, and Instagram postings I’m going to set myself some goals.

The brilliant Joanne Hawker has come up with March Meet the Maker #marchmeetthemaker which is exactly what I (and no doubt many others like me) need to give myself some oomph!

The Daily Post has a weekly photo challenge which I think I might just try to rise to.

And in the meantime I’ve got to get busy today doing photographic justice to these lovely additions to our Etsy Shop

Fortunately it’s a bright, frosty morning so the lighting is pretty good.

And then it’s back to my goal setting.  But first I think I’m going to make an early start with Sarah Fisher’s brilliant downloadable plan to help turn me into decluttering ninja.  After all if I’m going to be spending all this time blogging, Instagramming, Facebooking and Pinteresting then I need to have a tidy stressfree home to do it from.





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