A smashing day out!

Following the Etsy webinar on photography it’s been a goal of ours to recreate some of the product shots. Being the collector (a.k.a.hoarder) that I am, it was pretty easy to find bits and pieces around the house to use as props. Feathers were perfect for the Owl and fir cones worked a treat for the Bear but the Fox and Sparrow were proving to be a bit awkward. So rather than get frustrated I decided to leave it for a few days.

Inspiration can strike you at the funniest of times, I find that I’m usually in the shower, fast asleep in the middle of the night or sat on the loo (don’t even ask!!😳). Some psychoanalyst somewhere will tell you that that means something. What it means to me is that I have the best ideas when I can’t write them down and by the time I can, I’ve already forgotten them.

So today, with the sun shining and the ground covered in her shimmering disco dress of frost, we decided to head for The New Forest and prompt some nature inspired motivation. At -1°C we needed to quicken our pace and get the blood pumping to keep warm, but in the sunshine it was glorious. The cloudless, intense blue sky contrasted with the pineapple smelling gorse and the thick red coats of the New Forest ponies.

Perfect conditions for Mr. Fox’s photoshoot; image

Faye and I spent the rest of the morning looking for beautiful places to photograph the delightful sparrow but nowhere seemed to really do him justice. The wet weather and dreadful storms have wreaked havoc in the forest, with branches wrenched from trunks and tall, elegant trees uprooted and left scattered like a giant game of ‘Pick-up-Sticks’. But the sunshine spot-lighted the new growth of tiny saplings sprouting from the rich, mulchy soil, and hummocks and cushions of springy, bouncy, bright green moss, just right for making miniature moss gardens. My Dad used to make these with me when I was little, using my Mums best casserole dishes (apparently without her consent!) and they always delighted me. My giant teacup from Brontë makes the perfect garden base, all you need then is some rich, loamy soil or compost, a little patience and something cute to feature in it.  I bought these miniature gnomes in Sweden and they’re perfect.  Just remember to keep it damp and to spray mist the moss daily.  image

All in all we’ve had a super day out. Hermione Hymer has had a run out in the sunshine, enough to charge her batteries, Faye has tested her new bike out on rough terrain, and Nick and I have found some inspiration and more importantly had a relaxing day in the Motorhome. image

But what about the sparrow? Well it wasn’t til we were on the way home that it dawned on me! Look at this;


These beautiful little eggs were made by my Dad, he casts them in Plaster of Paris and then hand paints them. Why on earth didn’t I think of using these before?  Oh, maybe I did, but maybe it was when I was sat on the loo! 😳


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