Blowing the marketing budget.

Doing something for nothing is far more fun than splurging out a ton of cash, especially when cash is not an obstacle.

I used to have sole charge of the marketing budget in my old job and would think nothing of spending money on magazine adverts, trade shows, sales trips, promotional give-aways, branded clothing and a heap of other stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, it was all very useful and worth while, but it was also all very expensive.

Now we’re running our own Home Business and I still have sole charge of the marketing budget. The difference is that Pine Needles and Pins budget stands at a massive £0.00!
But who needs it?  There are so many opportunities out there that cost nothing more than a little bit of time and a little bit of know-how.


When else has it been so easy to have your own FREE equivalent mini website courtesy of Facebook and their ‘Pages’ option?

When, before now, could you write a FREE blog that not only belongs to you but that has a whole host of marketing tools such as tags and Links that you can use to allow people to view your whole range.

Not to mention Instagram that gives you the ability to introduce yourself as a person, not just a shop front.  After all, people buy from people they like and how can you be likeable if you’re not visible?

You can even download a ‘lite’ (or FREE) version of Ezy Watermark to professionally brand all of your photographs.  And of course we all have our favourite FREE photo enhancing apps that help us to make our pictures really zing. Personally I like to use Live Collage and Photo Effects.

And we mustn’t forget Pinterest,  where we can promote ourselves to a world full of like-minded people who will be able share and promote our ideas and creations in a snowball effect of ‘craftiness’.

Now all we need is a routine, a methodical way of remembering to link it all together and a little bit of patience.

So really, the only budget that we really need is for our Etsy listings, maybe some business cards (after all we might sometimes have to surface from our craft tables and iPads to meet some real people) oh, and of course for some dog biscuits for the latest photo shoot.


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