Hello, It’s been too long.

Good morning, bet you’re wondering where we’ve been.  Well it’s been pretty hectic here with having family to stay and the Italian family party, or should I say ‘festa di famiglia’, and life in general.  But we haven’t been slacking off too much and have used the time wisely, in between partaking of Aperol Spritzers and scoffing teacups of tiramisu!!!!

We’ve come up with some more ideas and prototypes, and now that Storm Imogen has finally swept passed and left us with some glorious sunshine I’ve been able to get some good shots for the Etsy Shop



This cute little dog leash has gone down a storm (ha, no pun intended), we’re going to do some in a lighter finish and have a custom option to add a name; Fido, Rover, Spot?  And we had so many compliments about Nicks seahorse design that we decided to use it again, this time on an iPad stand


Don’t they look gorgeous?

So these are a couple of new things that we’ve added to our shop, there are more in the pipeline but they’re not quite ready yet.  Watch this space………

We also decided that the time had come to order some business cards.  They’re to include with our orders and to give to those curious enough to ask what we’re up to.  Now it sounds a pretty innocuous task, choosing cards, but believe me, it took us such a long time.  Colour, finish, words, the options were endless, but they’ve arrived today and we’re pretty pleased with them.

 So you can see that we haven’t been sitting on our laurels but we’ve been busy beavering away, and having a thoroughly lovely time doing it.  After all that’s what this is supposed to be all about.


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