Bella Italia and Bella Etsy

I’m so excited!  We’ve really only just started on our new venture and we’ve received our first Etsy order!!!

The gorgeous garden box that Nick decorated with (what seems to becoming our signature) Marguerites and the quip “Gardening is cheaper than therapy… and you get tomatoes” sold only an hour or so after me posting it to Etsy.  I’d like to say a big Thank you to Etsy for giving such good advice on product photography.  Not only did it make the pictures stand out but it seemed to also to make all the difference to selling.  Have a look for yourself,

 And it also had the added bonus of getting me out into the winter sunshine.

Unfortunately it’s raining again today so any further chance of outdoor escapades have been quashed.  That’s OK though, we’ve got a busy weekend planned with family coming to stay and an Italian dinner party on Saturday night.  I suppose I really ought to drag myself away from EtsyFacebook, WordPress, Instagram and Pinterest and do a bit of party planning.  My biggest dilemma is what to wear.  I’ve tried to go down the Sophia Loren route (not just for the party but as a life style choice) but to be honest the nearest I get to Italian style in a concerted effort not to look like Pavarotti!  I think The Little Black Dress will have to suffice.

Choosing Italian food however is no hardship, the biggest problem is deciding which delicious dishes to create.  I’m not very good at cooking when people are around, I get far too excited and distracted to remember what I’m supposed to be doing or to take food out of the oven, so a “previously prepared” option is always best.

I think lasagne (what’s more comforting than a big plate of lasagne?) and this wonderful Bruschetta Bar from What’s Gaby Cooking, will be a simple yet scrumptious option. Followed by Amaretti Tiramisu from Vikalinka. (See what I mean about the Pavarotti struggle??)

And last year in Sardinia, Brontë introduced us to Aperol, a deliciously  bitter-sweetness, deep lustrous Orange aperitif which makes the most wonderful Aperol Spritz;

  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 splash of soda
  • Serve over ice cubes and slices of orange

After a couple of those, even if I burn the lasagne, no one will notice!


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