A not very inspiring day ☔️

I got caught up in an Etsy conversation about photography last night and whether a plain or coloured background was better to showcase products. I offered the suggestion that a glittery, sparkly, frosty backdrop might be just the idea for some of them, and then I stopped short and thought, why on earth hadn’t I done that.  I’ve finished Miss Lydia Ladle and the pictures, although pretty, could be so much lovelier if they were taken outside.

Miss Lydia Ladle would have so loved a day out

So I packed up my camera (A.K.A. my phone) some of our lovely pine woodland creatures, the new Tattered Scraps dolls, and prepared for an early start.

The not very inspiring view from my window

Hurumph!  Typical English weather!!  But I wasn’t going to be demotivated, I might have to postpone my photo shoot (ooh, doesn’t that make me sound professional) but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t spend the day being creative. I could go up to my craft room and start creating pretty fripperies and whimsical what-nots,  oh the fun to be had………

………Except it’s the 22nd of January and dear old HMRC decided to send me a text to remind me that my tax bill needed to be paid 😩 So that put paid to doing anything but sitting in front of the computer and sorting Mr Tax Man out. And now all my ‘get-up-and-go’ has ‘got-up-and-gone’ and there’s nothing left to do but have a cup of tea, look out of the window and eat chocolate.

Nevermind, tomorrow is another day and at least I won’t hear from Mr. Tax Man for another year!


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