All things pretty.

The sun is shining brightly, there’s a thick frost on the ground and a hot coffee in my mug, so it must be time for me to sit down and do something creative. The only trouble is that I have so many ideas, so many projects to start and so many lovely, pretty things to play with.

But after looking through all my scraps of ribbons, beautiful buttons, and remnant of fabric I think I’m tempted to do something ‘girlie’.  I was planning to create a companion for Miss Cecelia Spoon using rich reds, roses and hearts with a sort of romantic Valentines theme, but this frosty, bright morning is just too perfect to miss for its inspiration toward silvery blues and twirls of icy, snowy, glittery sparkles.

Miss Cecelia Spoon


I think Miss Lydia Ladle, when she’s finished will contrast rather beautifully with Miss Cecelia Spoon.  After all, we don’t want any competition between these lovely young ladies!



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