Time to Celebrate!

Whoooohoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pine Needles and Pins has received its first commission! I can’t tell you how excited we are ☺️

A very lovely lady approached us via our  Instagram account, and asked if Nick would create two seahorses.  Well of course the answer was “Yes!” and with much excitement, he got to work immediately.  imageHaving never attempted a little fellow like this before, it took a few rough designs, a scribble or two of pencil lead, a rubbing of eraser and a couple of mugs of black coffee before this beautiful little creature emerged from the paper..image

Our new and first client was very pleased “I love it, can I have two please, facing each other?”

I’d like to take this opportunity to shout out a big THANK YOU to Claire for the commission.  You’ve given us real motivation and reinforced our belief that we are doing the right thing.

So watch this space everyone to see how these dear little creatures progress.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Doreen Duffield says:

    Looking forward in seeing the finished product!


  2. Emma TM says:

    Congratulations. Who would have thought nick had so much creative talent 🙂


    1. Fluff says:

      He’s so clever and has such a great eye, it’s wonderful that it can now be unleashed.


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