A working life!

I’m exhausted!! I’ve finally managed to sit down and finish all the listings for our Etsy shop Pine Needles and Pins . I’ve spent all afternoon taking photos, writing descriptions, measuring each piece (in centimetres and inches!!), weighing them, adding them to the shop, adding the links to Pinterest and now blogging about it!  It’s hard work, this working lark!!!         AND I LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I’m so proud of Nick and the beautiful things that he creates, he’s such a clever, creative man and it’s so wonderful to be able to channel this talent into our venture.  We’ve got so many ideas and so much enthusiasm that we can’t help but sitting here with Cheshire Cat grins while we “work.”  And what’s he been working on today? image

During the winter, before we really got started on this, Nick made me a beautiful little crafted heart out of some recycled, off cut pine and added a cute little fox and some snowflakes.  He was just playing around with colour and techniques for burning and scorching the wood, but the effect was so lovely and tactile that I thought he should do some more.  And as we’re so desperate now for some signs of Spring we thought that he should change the snowflake into something a little more sunny. Aren’t they adorable?




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