How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Who doesn’t love a romantic day out?  I know I do and when Nick suggested that we went out for the day, I had all kinds of ideas.  Hmmmmm, so did he!  Now I’m not saying that it wasn’t fun, and I’m not saying that it wasn’t interesting but I think I might be stretching things a little to say that my love of wood is the romantic sort! image

However, it was actually a brilliant trip to The Southampton Wood Recycling Project and we came home with a car full of interesting pieces of mahogany, pine, cedar, and oak.   It’s a great place to visit, they’re a community based group who operate a waste wood upcycling service, using wood mainly collected from construction sites and boat yards.  Certainly perfect for the projects that we’re working on.

And talking of projects, I promised you yesterday a look at the finished cat door hangers, well here they are…… image

I think they’ve turned out beautifully and would look wonderful adorning any door.



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