Pussies and Posies.

Some of the time I have trouble in thinking up blog titles and sometimes they just write themselves before I even start typing.

So here are the Pussiesimage

Nick has created these beautiful door hangers, we’ll add ribbon and will personalise them on request. Aren’t they darling? I’ll post pictures of them finished off tomorrow.

And here are the Posies image

I had coffee this morning at Wilton Garden Centre with my very dear friend Mandy and after far too many hours of chatting and laughing and putting the world to right, we went for a wander around the lovely gift shop.  It’s fatal to let us anywhere near a sale and of course all the glittering, sparkly Christmas stuff was reduced and I found these gorgeous roses.  They were far too much of a bargain to be missed so I bought the lot!  Not quite sure what I’ll do with them yet but at least for now they can decorate my house.  Lucky me!!  Watch this space to see where they’ll appear……

Thank you Mandy for such a wonderful morning xx


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  1. Amanda Beer says:

    Loved catching up today, and totally loving the blog and following you and Nick on your crafting journey xx

    Liked by 1 person

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