A Hover of Trout

I’ve always been fascinated with the collective nouns for animals and birds; a murmuration of starlings, a murder of crows, a watch of nightingales, a puddling of mallards. But I didn’t dream that the collective for trouts would be a Hover.  Now where did that come from?   I mean, you can’t even say that they ever hover, I’d understand a hover of kestrels (except that they’re rather solitary birds) or a hover of flies, but trout???image

Anyway, after Nick made the first trout in cedar, we thought that to make a ‘hover’ of them, for a wall display, would be lovely.  So off he went down into the workshop, burner and wood in hand.  We decided that pine would be the best medium this time as the grain and colour is so much more tactile than the cedar, although the cedar does smell beautiful  as its burnt and afterwards too.  I did suggest making a handful of cedar minnows to keep in sock drawers but I think that idea fell on deaf ears!image

But I think the finished result is wonderful, the wood grain really runs beautifully along the trouts lateral lines and the colour of the wood is deep and lustrous.  And I like the idea of having a group (ahem, sorry, a hover) of them on the wall. A little bit like the vintage collection of china wall ducks from the 50’s, or should I say a puddling?





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