Making a start in pyjamas!



So I’m stood here at the island in the kitchen, still in pyjamas,  drinking an increasingly cold mug of coffee and trying to get to grips with blogging.  Is this my new addiction (blogging that is, not cold coffee)??

I should be rushing around getting ready to meet my soon-to-be daughter-in-law for coffee, I should be stuffing washing into the ever hungry washing machine, I should be vacuuming the stairs, I should be…… oh,the list is endless. But no, I’m standing here wondering if these words will be lost in the ether or maybe they won’t even get that far because I’ll hit the wrong button and delete the lot!

We’re completely new to this. In fact it’s all a new world for us. New ideas and new found talents, hence a new business, and therefore a new blog, a new Facebook page and a host of new experiences!

So excuse us if we get it wrong, if we post where we’re not supposed to, if we make gargantuan mistakes and bear with us if we’re slow, sometimes late and occasionally random!

But we’re planning to enjoy the ride and hope that you might like to join us for it.





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