In the beginning…

So today was the day we chose our name! We’ve talked about starting a business for a few months now and chatted about what we’d make and how we’d market ourselves and the best “routes to market”, but all of this clever business ‘stuff’ couldn’t really begin until we had a name.


Now for those of you who know us, you’ll know that N and I met at a very high-fallutin’ business strategy forum and that we’d spend days with other like-minded business brains thrashing out issues over re-branding and marketing so it came as a very pleasant surprise to have made the following business decision in about 10 minutes. The time it took us to pull off of the drive, negotiate the roundabout and head out of town (we live in Salisbury so believe me that doesn’t take long!).


We wanted a name that would encompass all of our talents and that would cover a wide variety of products and crafts. We’re know as Stitches and Fluff on a few forums (“He’s the stitches that hold all of her fluffiness together”) but that just didn’t cut it, so through a process that involved calling out random words (quite funny if we’d of been overheard), we came up with……


Clever eh?

Well I guess you won’t know if it’s clever or not until you start to see some of the things we make. So watch this space to see all the loveliness that we endeavour to create.


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